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Guess what folks, I’m out of work! This may be a good thing.

Tidepool’s had a stalled summer, with no progress in four months. Instead I’ve focused on client work, earning money in hopes of someday raising my original Kickstarter goal: the three months I need to finish.

As summer ends, my fate has changed. My biggest client can no longer afford me. I have no current source of income, which while scary is not unusual. I’ve been here many times, always finding the next gig in about two months.

My Tidepool savings give us that at least. With a tight budget, I’m free to work on Tidepool in October and November.

I still need a third month to finish. With maxed cards and no Christmas presents, we need $4488 to get through December, which I believe I can raise by then.

So as Summer turns to Fall, I commit myself now to a Winter Solstice beta. 

On that day, you’ll explore a Tidepool world with realistic terrain that mirrors our own Earth. You’ll code your creations by chatting with them in natural language. You’ll collaborate with other players to build story worlds together.

Happy Equinox everyone. Here we go.

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