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I haven’t been very chatty these past two months, which is just as well since my forward progress has been slim. I’m still struggling to finish Colossal Cave. The data file is imported, but ironing out the gameplay is proving to be more difficult than hoped.

In the next three weeks, I should be able to finish the next big release (Alpha 4), which includes Colossal Cave, a much improved interactive map, and mirrored forum functionality ingame and on the website. Most importantly, Tidepool will then be feature complete, except for the cognitive agent (Alpha 5) and realistic terrain (Beta). These latter two are essentially optional … you can make stories and code agents without them … but they will be a big part of what people like about Tidepool when they’re done.

As it stands, I don’t have enough money to finish Alpha 5. Including today, I have 40 days left to work on Tidepool before switching to another big billable gig on January 2nd unless I raise $2400 by then, which would give me January to finish both Alpha 5 and the Beta release candidate.

Okay, on to the day’s work. I’m hoping to finish Tidepool 0.3.3 (Colossal Cave) by this weekend.

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