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I start today trapped in the Bird Chamber of Colossal Cave, trying to fix a bug with the bird. Seems whenever I make a change to the bird, it creates not one but two copies of it in the databases.

The first copy is expected. Tidepool uses automatic version control, with automatic branching. Whenever you change something on the “trunk”, it creates a branched version with your username. You can later “push” your changes to the trunk to make them public or “reset” things to discard your changes. This behavior works everywhere except the Bird Chamber. Changing the bird creates two copies in the database.

Once I solve this “blocker” bug, I’ll be able to finish the puzzle in this room, then move on to the last two puzzles I plan to implement in Colossal Cave before moving on to the next big feature, the improved Map UI.  All together I’ll have coded 18 of the 94 rooms in Adventure, the eight above ground and the ten you can reach before solving the first hard puzzle in the Hall of the Mountain King.

For me to finish Alpha 4 and Alpha 5 before Devoxx, I need to move on from Colossal Cave, where I’ve been stuck for quite some time.

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