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I work for myself, but I still have a boss. That which governs my days is neither human nor corporate. It exists as bits on a hard drive in northern Virginia, on a server named Vesta, in a program called JIRA. My boss is The Board…

Called a kanban board for a practice in Japan, my JIRA board (http://board.playtidepool.com) shows the state of my mind, with past accomplishments on the right, current quandaries in the middle, and future headaches on the left.

Above is a mostly green line that shows the milestoneĀ at a glance. Green is done, yellow is now, red is what’s left. The red may seem bigger than the scheduled nine days might allow, but that’s by design. I always add “nice to haves” in case there’s time left over, which there never is.

Anyway, enough chatter, the board beckons.

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