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Tim talks to Chris and Paula about his San Jose trip to Devoxx and MoNage.

Tim describes the dream to Chris in preparation for a talk with his VC boss.

Tim finishes his two-month “groundhog day” and releases Tidepool 0.3.3.

Still stuck in Colossal Cave, Tim talks GDC, then talks ceilings, floors, and textures.

After a string of more technical devlogs, Tim switches his Twitter focus and struggles through Colossal Cave.

Tim describes a fuller, more realistic plan to finish.

Tim wins a lottery, getting a free pass to a Java conference in Silicon Valley.

Tim discusses signup groups and momentum/focus/courage.

Tim gets in some solid time and feels hopeful again.

Tim lets Punxsutawney Phil decide that there’s six more weeks of Tidepool (and winter).