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Tim reflects on life after homeschooling, the job hunt, and a new $45k nine-partner plan.

Tim talks about Isabel returning to school, the expanded schedule, then stumbles on to a fresh brainstorm for a GDC talk: schooling as though it were an open world game.

With Paula’s surgery and Isabel’s back-to-school time, progress has been slow, focusing on startup code review. With a new perspective, Tim doubles the entire schedule.

Tim cleans up the account table, then talks messaging.

After falling behind, Tim ups the daily hours and reviews the plan again.

Tim talks about the next big design task.

Tim discusses the second of three map issues.

First day back, Tim breaks down current concerns, then talks shakedown & pilot.

Tim talks about the “gutter june” and makes a plan for a bare bones Alpha 5 launch by summer’s end.